Code of Conduct for Licensed Convoyers/Liberators

Code of Conduct for Licensed Convoyers/Liberators

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Due to a number of queries received over the past months in relation to Convoyers/Liberators, Apendix C of the RPRA rule is published for information -
British Homing World - July 13th. 2018



1. Every Convoyer/Liberator must be licensed for the current year.

2. Before commencing his/her convoying duty for each race, he/she shall obtain from his/her Race Organiser:

a) The exact race point at which his/her charges are to be liberated, that is to say, the name and address of the race point.

b) The name, address and telephone number of any liaison official appointed by the RPRA

c) Any special conditions which have to be observed at the race point.

d) An animal transport certificate for all journeys over 50km.

3. He/she will ensure that the stowage of the pigeons conforms to the requirements of the Law. That is to say that all containers will be properly secured within the racking of the transporter and that the bulk stacking of crates/baskets containing pigeons is not resorted to because it is against the Law. He/she will ensure that they are conversant with the welfare of animals (transport) order 2006
4. He/she will inspect their charges at each stop, but not less than once every eight hours.

5. He/she will ensure that adequate food and water is available for the race, or alternatively have instructions as to how and where they are to be obtained. He/she will be solely responsible for the welfare of the pigeons in their charge and will ensure that they are adequately fed and watered as deemed appropriate for their well-being.

6. He/she will position the vehicle in order to ensure a perfect liberation, bearing in mind the wind conditions. The convoyer/liberator must be fully responsible for checking that all crates remaining on a transporter at the race point and on return to its depot are individually inspected in order to ensure that no live birds have been left therein.

7. He/she will obtain weather forecasts and, in conjunction with the other Convoyers/Liberators at the site and his/her own race adviser, will agree liberation times generally on the basis of the longest to fly first up, and a minimum period of 15 minutes observed between each separate liberation where practical.

8. The Convoyer/Liberator will be entirely responsible for liberation, whether he/she has a race adviser or not.

9. In the event of any pigeon(s) escaping he/she must seek his/her Organisation official regarding emergency action to be taken.

10. The correct time of liberation should be made known to the secretary/race adviser and a full report of the race handed to the secretary on return, together with the Convoyer/Liberator/ Organising official’s signature stating that he/she personally I inspected all crates after liberation. This rule to apply to all feeder vehicles also.

11. The race point to be left clean and tidy, including gathering up all loose material and seals after the liberation, and suitably disposing of it, if necessary bringing it backwith him/her for disposal.
12. He/she will so conduct himself/herself at all times as to completely avoid any complaint.

13. Only with the full permission of the Race Organisation will pigeons be liberated at any point other than that at which they are scheduled to be liberated.
14. He/she will report to his/her Organisation whilst at the race point or subsequently in his/her report, any item which places at risk, either the safety of the vehicle, the welfare of the pigeons or the fairness of the release, including the failure of a Convoyer/Liberator to co-operate at the race point.

15. He/she will comply with the liberation site conditions or regulations.

16. Where overseas racing is concerned he/she will ensure that they are in possession of full documentation as laid down each year by Association Headquarters. These documents to be provided to him/her by the secretary of the Organisations concerned.

17. On premature termination of the Convoyer/Liberator’s appointment he/she will immediately return the Convoyer/ Liberator’s Licence to his/her Racing Organisation.

18. Juniors will not be permitted to travel on transporters or to accompany the Convoyer/Liberator and/or driver to the race point by any other means.

19. All feeder vehicles, before leaving the transfer area, are to be checked to ensure no birds remain on the vehicles.

20. Any member or Organisation involved in the convoying of racing pigeons shall, where the number of birds carried exceeds 500,ensure that the vehicle used is adequately fitted with equipment for the controlling of fires.

21. Liberations can only take place from R.P.R.A. approved Liberation Sites. Failure to do so will result in the removal of Convoyers/Liberators Licences and disciplinary action taken under Rules.
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