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Yeovil 2 convoyers report

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 2:16 pm
by LeeP50
Afternoon lee
Finished loading at 20:30 arrived at Yeovil at 23:30 watered birds. Check waters at 07:00. There was 13 of the liberations on site. Spoke to Tony we both decided there was no point in trying to go in between liberations which was mostly going north, also there was other federations crossing us, from different liberation sites. Speaking to the other federations on site it was looking like we were had a time slot of any time after 12:00, that was the last northern liberation. So Tony and myself both decided to go for a 12:30. On-site the weather was perfect. All liberations on site was clearing very well.
Liberated at 12:30 into a light West wind.
Birds cleared very well all in one batch
Hope you have a good race